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My old friend.. by Sio64

Alright, first critique.
Vision-Excellently done. I'm not sure how you wanted exactly but if I were to do this I would be VERY satisfied.
Originality-I haven't read the novel yet so I can't answer entirely, but I'd say pretty original characters.
Technique-The lighting, rain, expressions, everything is done carefully.
Impact-Huge impact. You can easily see the connection between these two characters, I want both if them alive, yet I haven't even read the novel.
Overall-Touches you and reveals a little bit of the two characters' personalities. The technique makes me jealous. I don't have enough thumbs for my thumbs up.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
1 out of 1 deviants thought this was fair.


Sio64 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Professional Artist
Thankyou very much! :)
Bri-ABoredPerson Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013
No problem!
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